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describes something of high monetary value, importance, and/or power depending on the context.
1: I heard you recently landed one of those big ticket jobs at your company.

2: You're lucky I made that big ticket move in the game the other day, we would have lost the match otherwise.
by 0rang3 September 05, 2007
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A nickname often given to one of conservative nature. This person must be stubborn, conceited beyond belief, painfully narrow minded, and delusional. Some activities that this person partakes in are: over exaggerating drunkenness, cheating on gentlemens bets, and jerking off to Sarah Palin. Also, this person is extremely nerdy but does not seem to realize this and goes about their days falsely believing that they are cool.
M: Who's that d-bag who looks drunk even though he only had one beer?
J: Oh it must be BigTicket!

BigTicket: I am not a nerd.
Elizabeth: Dude, you have a mug that says "I love computers" and are a know it all. You are a total nerd.
BigTicket: Elizabeth you are such an education major to think that you are correct.
by Small Ticket December 01, 2010
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