a title conferring great respect
What's up big poppa!
by triple 8 January 29, 2004
"I like it when you call me big poppa, throw ya hands in the air if youz a true playa"
by Max April 1, 2003
A big squishy friend, someone that isn’t your lover but one that is your close friend, or just a random stranger
Come, come big poppa, I want to hug and squish you
by Middlewood October 15, 2018
A useless time wasting weather man , most commonly found with his accomplice jenks. Not a fan of scaffolding or exercise.
Loves a pair of deck shoes and a fake tan.
I just had a weather alert. Thanks big poppa
by Embers0 March 18, 2021
Big Poppa Smooth Ride is a name for a man who is older in age but still knows how to “get his”, if you know what I mean. He is confident of himself and isn’t shy or bashful. Everyone needs them a big poppa smooth ride.
Girl I was at Big Poppa Smooth Rides house last night and we went all night long.
by White_shadow45 November 15, 2019