1. A flaccid penis; a penis that is not fully erect. More specifically, when the penis is in between the fully flaccid and fully erect stages; can be described as the "meaty" stage

2. A vagina that is stretched out to the point that the lower rim of said vagina has reached the anus; likely from years of promiscuity and/or giant penis(es).
1. Woman: "Is my striptease getting your dick hard?"
Man:"Naw, but I still got a big ol' floppy"

2. Man 1: "Dude I heard you hooked up with that chick last night, how was that?"
Man 2: "Lame, that bitch had a big ol' floppy, it was like humping a hula-hoop"
by Professor D-Bag March 16, 2009
Somebody who is slightly larger in mass than your average human, and because of his above average size, he enjoys taking larger than average cocks in his ass.
Taylor is a big ole gay, he likes big ole guys.
by RB3 July 11, 2008
Over-sized labia that "hang down" noticably. Can also mean that the vaginal cavity is of unacceptable diameter and/or depth.
1) Man that slag had a big ol' vag! Swallowed my arm up to the wrist! 2) Man I couldnt even touch the sides of that big ol' vag!
by Big Hench Tom August 24, 2007
A jubilent phrase which gets shouted from a moving vehicle at pedestrians.
"HEY!" (pedestrian looks)
by CHUCK D March 18, 2005
Someone who refuses to acquiesce to inappropriate demands or take part in immature and unsavory, albeit extremely entertaining, activities.

Must be pronounced with an extreme Texas accent with a heavy emphasis on the GAY.
"I don't want to light this paper airplane on fire, launch it down a stairwell and document its destruction."

"That's because you're a big ole gay."
by MissBossPants September 23, 2011
big, likeable breats.. most likely perky and firm
I'm calling from my friends phone because he wants up in them Big Ol' Boobies
by Special-E September 6, 2005
It’s when someone we’ll have BIG OL BOOBS. Some people say big old boobs which means your meemaws boobs, or your fat grandpas titties. Or your hot sisters boobs, *cough* * cough* Alabama. But if your country you’ll normally say “ Big Ol Boobs. You can also spell ol with ole, it doesn’t matter. But when you say ol or ole say it like oh. So Big oh boobs.
DumnDude) Bro look at that sexy girl bro

CountryDude) HOLY SHIT. She got someBig ol Boobs
by BootySucker18000.19 ILikeAss February 22, 2019