8 definitions by leonardo draculay

I law that is passed and enforced against a group of people by a society because of its hatred of them. For example Jim crow laws ( laws against black people in the south) and the laws against gays were hate laws.
by leonardo draculay April 06, 2019
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Romantic novels for women, How-to books and magazine articles about sex for women, and women's magazines such as Cosmopolitan or any other kind of literature women read to get turned on sexuality.

Clit+ Literature= Cliterature
She reads so much of that cliterature.
by leonardo draculay February 26, 2018
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A sexual game where a guy chases a girl around with a huge bonner out of his pants saying over and over, " big I'm weiner. Big ol'weiner".
Let's play Big ol' weiner
by leonardo draculay July 10, 2021
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A person who is a vegetarian except when they are socializing with friends and then they will eat meat with them.
I thought he was a vegetarian. No. He's a social carnivore. He a have the sausage pizza.
by leonardo draculay October 16, 2014
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It doesn't mean adults who are larping. Adult larping is just like regular larping except real sex is included in the game play. It's a from of advanced sex games.
I'm into adult larping.
by leonardo draculay July 26, 2021
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A type of music that is almost like emo but most of it is about relationships and fucking. Almost every word in it is the word fuck. A lot of it is about how beautiful fucking is.

One actual lyric in an fmo song is "oh my god you dick is so beautiful I'm gonna go and cut myself!"
by leonardo draculay January 02, 2021
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