What the t-shirt ads on the sidebars of this site has.
Dude I went to the snorgtees site yesterday just cause I clicked on their ad with the big boobs.
by bobthefatmomma December 12, 2010
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1)Things on fat girl's chests
2)Things on thin girl's chests that are either silicone filled or gifted by god.
1)"is it really worth it to be that fat to get thoose big boobs?"
2)"whoa! look at her big boobs, they've gotta be fake"
by Robert Battersby September 21, 2005
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adj. Usually used to describe a woman who has large breasts
noun. A large sized breast of the female and possibly shemale

Usually overweight women have big boobs, many men enjoy big women or bbw. A lot of women who are skinny get breast implants made of silicone. Sometimes though, a women is born with a gift and that gift is an amazing gift.

Seen mostly in night clubs and porn.

Also known as - Tits, Knockers, hooters
1. adj. Dud that girl has big boobs

2. Dude those big boobs look so fun
by Bpdtf May 23, 2011
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