Proposals by the Obama administration to limit the size and scope of banking practices. In 1933 legislation was passed to prohibit banks from engaging in trading and hedging positions. It was thought that such, led to the Market Crash of that period. Obama would like to return to the 1930's regulations to keep banks from engaging in high-risk behaviors with lenders deposits or cheaply borrowed money from the Fed.
We all need to understand the big-bank theory.
by Guido1 January 22, 2010
A game in which 2 people agree to show how much money they have on them and whoever has more on them takes (big bank) takes the money from the person with less money (little bank).
"wanna play a quick game of Big bank takes little bank?" person 1

"ya, you know I keep the bands in my pants." person 2
by Dr.Dinger February 20, 2017
The person with more assets gains all assets.Or a game in which whoever has more money takes all.
"Dont get ganked, now lets play big bank take little bank" - Ice Cube
by freddyg November 11, 2005
The smug smile on ones face, and the confidence in their step knowing that they have three commas in their bank account. Can be used to compensate for small dick energy or alongside big dick energy.
When Jay-Z walked into the club you could tell he was packing commas by the way he walked, he's got BBAE (big bank account energy)
by BigBankAccount November 13, 2018
Obtaining an inexplicable lump sum of funds.
I'm ridin' round wit all my bitches tryna get that BiG GiRL BANK tonight, what you on?
by FERRARiROCHER November 5, 2019
someone who has the biggest fucking forehead in the cosmos
i’ve been learning a lot of trigonometry in college recently”
“i can see that from your Big Memory Bank”
by Fregliegh March 26, 2022
Big Bank Holly is that nigga. How did the world let this kid from St Clair become known worldwide. AND HE’S JUST A STREET NIGGA, nothing special. Wether it’s music, acting, trapping, or just plain ol living… this guy is going to make sure he’s top tier at everything he do. Be like big bank holly
I never met a nigga like big bank holly before, & I hate myself for that !
by Mrand1 November 23, 2021