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The act of coating your shaft in 100% pure natural bee honey and then coating the tip with barbecue sauce, the type depending on the recipient's skill level, and then shoving it in someone's oral cavity.
*Girl 1 Mumbles something unintelligible*
Girl 2: Drake give you the throat burner last night too?
*Girl 1 Nods*
by freddyg March 27, 2012
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Quick Shuffle, also Quickshuffle.To walk,run,go,or come Quickly.Often done as a sheepish means of escape.
"I quickshuffle over fake him with the jane fonda work out tape cassete" - The Champ

He realized my coupon was fake, so I quick shuffled out of the store.

Al:Where's pete?
Greg:He quickshuffled out to go get some beer.
by freddyg November 5, 2005
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Though.Often used with really
"I'm leaving for good this time,really doe"
"You'z a busta,Doe I still love ya"
"Never fuck wit a silly ho,really doe" - Ice Cube
by freddyg October 31, 2005
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A person that attempts to lie, cheat, or decieve, in a poor manner.Can be used positively or negatively.
Dad:You stole my beer didnt you?
Son:No I was moving it and they opened and spilled
Dad:You're a bad actor.

You wont hold up in court, you're a bad actor.
by freddyg November 5, 2005
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To perform or do(a), often used with the, a slang expression used to say what you did.

Give the tv a slap, that should fix it.

What did you do last night?
I gave some tv the watch.

Lets give it some icecream.

Those mobsters are on our tail, we better give it the run away.
by freddyg November 18, 2005
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The person with more assets gains all assets.Or a game in which whoever has more money takes all.
"Dont get ganked, now lets play big bank take little bank" - Ice Cube
by freddyg November 11, 2005
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Used to express disbelief,disgust,ridicule,or appallment.
"God almighty, what was that?!"
"God Almighty, put your pants back on!"
"God almighty, you've been late 3 times this week!"
"God Almighty,stop sitting around and get a job."
by freddyg November 1, 2005
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