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The act of a dashing african-american walking down the street in a beep-bop way while listening to underground rap with a blinding smile. Typically wears white tenis shoes and some gang-related paraphernalia.
Guy 1: Man did you see that nigger?
Guy 2: No why?
Guy 1: He was totally trottin.
Guy 2: Nigger trottin?
Guy 1: O ya... burnt my retnas
by nguyeny-pants December 2, 2009
A rather large woman who is not a BBW, but rather a BFN.

Her lady lumps do not inspire any recollection of beautiful things like some chunky women might offer, but rather leave a sour taste in your mouth after you throw up a little.

BFN typically Photoshop their selfies in an attempt to justify their ugly lifestyle choices.
Dude 1: Hey man, did you just see that Big Fat Nasty?
Dude 2: What is that, a cheeseburger?
Dude 1: No man, it's thunder-thighs and butt cheese!
Dude 2: Gross.
by nguyeny-pants January 28, 2014
Noun. A facial expression worn only by african americans, depicts an expression which contains bulding eyes, rotation of the skull, puckered cheeks, and an overall niggertude.
Did he give you one of these?

Search Youtube for "sittin on the toilet"

She definitely gives you one of these.
by nguyeny-pants December 2, 2009
A fantastic mexican resturant that is open 24/7. This particular location has been renamed to Rigaberto's Taco Shop on SE Mcloughlin Blvd Milwaukie, Oregon

A perfect location for a Dimrod.
-End of an hour and a half walk, tacos ordered from La Conga-
*Crunch on a taco; (orgasism in the mouth)*
by nguyeny-pants December 2, 2009
Noun. A spontanous expedition in which participants wander in search of new places, usually to eat. Dimrods typically occur at night, hence dim.

One can usually find themselves "Firin up a dimrod" after work or in cases of extreme boredom or curiousity.
Caller 1: Hey, wanna fire up a dimrod?
Caller 2: Hell ya
Caller 1 & 2: Firin up a dimrod!
by nguyeny-pants December 2, 2009