outdoor toilet particularly in the midwest
kristine pooped in the biffy
by 718-ti83plus January 24, 2007
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best friend forvever , a more musical version of bff
1)ohhh i love you , you're my biffy!!
2)hey biffy come on over
by ZORKI ZORK November 15, 2005
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"Please be my buddy and guard the door, I have to use the biffy."
by PilotGal October 1, 2014
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biffy nafroom now.
dats muh biffy
biffica ily
my biffy will woop your biffys asss
by jessica&kylie January 17, 2008
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An underground name for a very attractive woman or a woman's Vagina.
Chris: Yo Beck, gimme that Biffy
Beck: Eww no way Freak!
by JIMMYBOY1 January 11, 2011
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(n) A person who is your best friend and you and everyone else finds him or her very attractive and or sexy and they are ignorant to this beauty. This attractiveness is not bias and is not derived from the fact that they are your best friend. They have just kind of grown out of awkwardness and stumbled into beautiful perfection.
My Biffy is the highlight of my day and the beautiful sunshine that inspires my everything.
by Nards of Enith April 8, 2019
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