when your voice sounds like a sexy chainsaw instead of a deaf whale. (ex. Andy Biersack's voice when he sings or speaks) To know how to recognize this voice, Google or YouTube: "In the End" by Black Veil Brides or "They Don't Need to Understand" by Andy Biersack
A - His voice is so sexy that I can't describe it.
B - I can! it sounds like Biersack.
(as In Andrew "Andy" Biersack)
by a.non.uh.mus April 28, 2015
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Lead singer or Black Veil Brides. He also has a solo project called Andy Black. He is absolutely thevsexiest man alive and he like to eat paper. A lot
Person one: dude did you see that Bryanstazzz interview?
Person two: oh my god yeah, Andy Biersack kept eating the questions
by Lil' emo November 10, 2017
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Lead singer of the band Black Veil Brides. He is a tall and attractive fella who needs to be protected at all times. His fans are quite weird so be aware.
Fangirl: omigod Andy Biersack is so fucking sexy I just wanna take off his pants and touch his di-
by Jjwjdhwhdd June 8, 2019
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A fucking sexy ass singer. His eyes will hypnotize and his voice just might make you melt. He's pretty random and likes hugs
That kid is so sexy he just might be another Andy Biersack.
by Alois June 26, 2013
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Andy Biersack is the purest human on earth.
by Ghost182 February 17, 2017
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All you need to know he makes many 12 year old emo girls orgasm by smiling.
Fuck dad.... Dont look at me..Yes that's Andy Biersack..yes I called him dad...omg go away *rawr*
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