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a synonym of the term "to superman" that hoe, coined at a small private liberal arts college in ohio. to bielecki your companion, ejaculate on the female's back while she assumes a bent over position, preferably of the doggy-style variety. then, before she has a chance to stand up, place a sheet, cape, or even a championship swimming banner from your wall on her this quickly so it will adhere and she will stand up looking like a superhero!
Yo, did you check your all-student emails? that hoe loves to get bielecki'd!

Yeah man i totally bielecki'd her last night.
by hewletchel May 04, 2009
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A town in Poland and surname of people of polish descent. Most work as informants to the police and are very shifty and untrustworthy .
I wondered where he went, but whe. He disappeared to the police station, I knew he was pulling a Bielecki.
by Drop Mic December 15, 2018
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