1)From the german "meister" meaning master.

2)Suffix applied to a noun and refering to an intelligent being to demonstrate dominion or proficiency of that being in a given area.

"Bob got us front-row seats for the game! He be the f*cking ticket-meister dawg!"

"If you be looking fo some action, talk to Smoove coz he da biatch-meister ´round he'e"
by Henrique December 31, 2005
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similar to 'dog', it is a suffix added to a name that makes that person sound a lot cooler than they actualy are.
"My name is mr cook..."

"You're a loser"

"...but people call me the cookmeister"

"You're so cool, make love to me"
by i suck ass August 27, 2008
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Meister is a master of many great things in life, for example he could one day be the Meister of Olive Oil, the next Meister of Meisters. Yet, Meister can portray his gift in a cheeky tone, often feeding off the mistakes of others to make himself for dominant in the social network group.
Ah the Meister of Twizzle, good to see you.”

“Meister is getting very cheeky.”
by Meister of Chisel March 26, 2019
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A loud eating, slouch bastard who thinks he's better than everyone, but sucks a lot
by MiamiRedhawkBaseball June 18, 2008
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An obnoxious fool that always has to interrupt a story to one up someone with an unbelievable lack of skill and taste, and kill the mood.
Right in the middle of our conversation, the "Shyster Meister" had to tell some stupid story and destroy the mood!
by freedom boy June 17, 2009
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Hate-meister is a derivitive of the know phrase "hate monger", but is used as a substitute to try and explain the severity of a hate monger to children.
guy 1: i wish i knew who the guy was, behind all those murders

guy 2: yeah, what a Hate-meister
by funky moose January 18, 2012
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