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The act of being bisexual. However, even though you like the opposite sex's fun stuff, you are still gay because you also enjoy the same sex's fun stuff.
Even though Johnny bangs mad chicks, he's bi-gay because he enjoys a penis here and there.
by Jay Knockers April 06, 2008
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Bi-gay means that someone is bisexual but they are more into the same gender for sexual attraction and romance/relationships. Women who are like this are called bi-dykes or bykes.
John is a bi-gay man in that he prefers men for sex and relationships and he's just into sex/casual dating with women but he's not gay/homosexual since he's sexually attracted to women.
by Dave21876789123 April 20, 2011
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use commonly for people that are big gays... the allision of the two make... bigay... o and did i mention they take it in the ass...
"you fucking bigay... u def. lick the cock... u def. take it in the ass... u salkys..."
by Z3r0 March 14, 2003
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