State in Northern India known in the present day for its gangsters, dakoos and high crime rate. Also known as the kidnapping and violent crime capital of India. However, in its heydey it was the root of great empires and a centre of enlightenment, spawning many influential figures such as freedom fighters as well as Buddha, Guru Gobind Singh and other great religious figures.
Dakoo aur hatyaar, Bihar mein hai hazaar - Gangsters and weapons, they have thousands in Bihar.
by BOBAMA69 August 07, 2009
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A state in eastern india that is the best. Full of true desis and gangstas. If u go to Bihar n mess with biharis they'll empty an AK magazine into ur white ass. Sala.
That fool went to Bihar and got shot.
by Brumindish July 02, 2004
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Coolest state in India where Bihari people originate from . People of Bihar are very genius and intelligent . They are cool people . You may find them in whole world .
He is from Bihar , thats so cool .
by itscoolboy May 18, 2018
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Bihar is best state of India having vast culture , history and several scholars and intellectual personalities belong to Bihar .
by biharbest11 March 09, 2019
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Bihar is one of the largest state of India . Bihar is rich in culture and many intellectual people originate from Bihar .
Bihar has a glorious past and is developing in fastest way possible . Though having seen many ups and downs in history , it is still one of the best state of India .

Bihar enjoys a unique location-specific advantage because of its proximity to the vast markets of Eastern and Northern India and Nepal. The state is well connected to the rest of India and international markets through over 200,000 km of road network, 6,700 km of rail network and an international airport. The Golden Quadrilateral Highway passes through the districts of Kaimur, Sasaram, Aurangabad, Gaya, and Patna, connecting the state to major metro cities in the country. Eastern Dedicated Freight Corridor also passes through the state, providing access to ports in East India such as Kolkata and Haldia; to raw material sources, and mineral reserves in the neighbouring states.

Bihar currently has 50 industrial areas and mega industrial parks. The state has identified Agriculture, IT, electronics, textiles and leather as it high priority sectors. Other manufacturing sectors, power – thermal and renewable, hospitality, communications and aquaculture are some of the fast-growing sectors in the state. India's first electric locomotive manufacturing facility, opened as a JV between Alstom and the Indian Railways, launched its first electric locomotive engine in March 2018.
by itsgoodman March 09, 2019
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