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The space betwixt a girl's legs up by her pussy when she's standing with her knees touching. Measured in fingers with 3 fingers being utopia. If you can run three fingers up between a girl's legs from just above her knees to her pussy, you've found a beautiful girl -- usually they are fit, slender, pretty shoulders, nice ass and trim with curves in all the right places -- and flexible too. They usually have a pretty pussy... mounded up, entrance towards the front, and flat between her thighs. Many times their lips and clit stick out prominently -- when seen from behind with backlight, the space is often seen as a small heart with the lips and clit making the upper separation between the upper halves of the "heart". If you're a man and you see one, you'll usually fall in love at first sight...
Man, she' s got a three finger betwixt -- I see the light!
by JeffRo1234567 October 01, 2012
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