to kiss(in spanish)
this could also be the name of some and who ever has it it can describe the person
im goin to besar u in the lips cuz i love u
by luv March 2, 2005
the most popular kid in all of high school, hes tall dark and handsome, every girls wants to get wit him
by anonymous March 1, 2005
macedonian wanna be. fat. un athletic. will never get a girl. gay. retarded. this kid wears the same fubu shit every day. has 1 eyebrow. makes love to sister. dirt albanian
by besar March 21, 2005
Aidil besar is the nickname for a person name aidil.This person must be tall.Not only get he also need to be great at everything to obtain this nickname.This is because 'besar' in the nickname means bigger and better.Aidil besar is need to be handsome like Tom Holland.Great singer like Bruno Mars.And finally must be genius and skillfull like Ayanoukoji.
Person 1:Look,that is Aidil Besar.The king of our school.
Person 2:I aluways admire him.
Person 3:I heard he's engaged with Emma Watson.
by Ninja gen October 5, 2021
Konek Besar Hitam (KBH) is a word translated into Malay from the word Big Black Cock (BBC) .
I tried to search more suitable word to describe BBC into Malay but I only get this.
Paliope : Hey ,ape jenis konek kau ?
Qisnani Luth : Konek Besar Hitam
by tokbonas March 20, 2021
Besar, loser guy who created something that is more useless than himself and you will call him Besar
hey James,
hey Fella BESAR cunt!
*James commited suicide*
*You have satisfaction*
by reveferuma June 20, 2022
A big strong male with a 30 inch cock who will tear your asshole apart no matter who you are.
Wow that Besar guy abstolutely destroyed my ass last night
by Babushibab November 23, 2021