In the 1920s this was commonly used:
that which is attractive or pleasing; similar to Bee's Knees
by AznCaliButt90210 December 06, 2006
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A nickname for a girl inclined in the arts, particularly performing art such as dance, theatre, or music. An all around wonderful person who can be a bit of a diva, but a loveable diva. Based off of the last name of the character Rachel Berry from the television show, "Glee."
~ Do you know who she is?
- Oh yeah, she's a Berry, top of her dance class, and you should hear her voice!
~ Wow!
by slamfEE367 May 09, 2010
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A little gremlin who listens to msi and drinks monster energy a lot. They also kin kokichi ouma from danganronpa. Changes their pfps every 10 minutes.
β€œHey did you see berrys body pillow of kokichi?”
by vorewhore November 01, 2020
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(n) a cop car - the red light on top looks like a berry on top of an ice cream.
"Didn't even see a berry flashin those high beams" - ice cube, today was a good day
by murrie-j June 30, 2003
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that of which is attractive or pleasing physically or to the eye
wow! that girly over there is the absolute berries!
by toilet seat March 02, 2007
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