a beour is in Irish culture slang for a girl or woman
shes a good looking beour,my mother is such a stupid beour
by Cathal Buckley June 5, 2007
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occurs when people from cork, Ireland attempt to say the word bear.
I just saw a beour.
by Phillip C July 28, 2011
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a way of describing a good looking girl in irish slang
mark: dayum look at that girl over there!
david:she's some beoure
by shellshell July 2, 2013
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Irish slang for someone who is both sexually attractive and exceptionally promiscuous.
Wow Sophie is so hot, she’s a beour
by Aaron123c February 12, 2018
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an irish slang for a fit or good looking girl
She's a right beour
Oh she's a beour
by Grace ;] October 6, 2019
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When a boy is simping so hard, he brings the girl to bunsen, a high lavish burger joint and spends over €50 on her meal. The next day she ghosts him and never responds to his messages
Guys did you hear about Toms date! He brought Romy out for dinner. What a bunsen beour
by DanTheMan126969 August 26, 2020
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