And I'm still posted with my boy, yeah, my slatt
Beno, he go crazy, you know that
by kaprcon December 25, 2020
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One afternoon I thought I was seeing further than everybody else, but then I realized I was standing on the shoulders of beno.
by heero February 1, 2005
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Term used to define the male friend that never gets laid.
Pete is a beno. There is no way in hell he is getting laid.

There will beno pussy for Jim tonight.
by senior dooky June 24, 2009
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Beno. An offensive term used to call someone, normally another school mate or peer, homosexual in the South Wales area (last used about 15 years when were in High School)

Look at him doing ballet! Yeah he is such a beno!!
by Sim C January 5, 2006
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Very famous person at Saint Josephs College, Banora Point
He popularised the word "Gouse"
Yo did you see beno earlier, he was building the best Gouse
by SJC Dude September 2, 2019
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Ex: -haha
by Benos.cream April 5, 2022
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Beno is a short word, which in countries like Slovenia, Serbia and Croatia means, the head of them gypsies.
Ta je ziher Beno. - This guy must be gypsies leader.
Ta je nevaren ko Beno. - This guy must be very dangerous.
by Erjavc February 9, 2020
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