Verb Infinitive: To Benford--
To finger a man up the ass.

Noun: Benford-- The act or instance of a man or woman fingering another man up the ass.

I benford
You benford
He/she/it benfords
We benford
You all benford
They benford

Benforded, benfording, had benforded, will have had benforded.
"Wow, did you hear? That kid asked his girlfriend to give him a benford."

"That girl tried to benford me, but I told her 'exit only.'"
by Pimpyslim September 15, 2004
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A ROBLOX railway game based on British railways. It's quite good and realistic, but not as popular as GCR or SCR.
Ben: What have you been playing this weekend, if any?
Tom: I've found this nice gem of a game, Destination: Benford. Quite nice, it should be on the front page!
by Carl Plandog November 29, 2020
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Benford is the type of person that is an ass...and only cares about himself and will hurt the people that care about him and love him the get what he wants....he is a asshole...he is self absorbed and only thinks about what he wants
Mom i met benford today....he was a horrible person
by Vanilla blake January 11, 2020
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