Sweaty Little Boy, an acronym created for insults in Phantasy Star Online (early 2001) and later popularized by rap superstar Robo Randy in his mega hit “Spank Paddles
"Hey Eros... I hear that guy likes SLBs."
by colin April 7, 2005
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"Her dad wouldn't let us over, he's such an SLB!"
by asdf123yhmkgskcfdvfxfnh February 6, 2010
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sorry lame and bitches ...86
a he reps 1-9-8-6 hes a slb.
by adam villanueva March 31, 2009
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Self-Loading Baggage.

The Radar Intercept Officer or Weapons Officer in the two-seat fighter plane. The "back-seater".

Fighter pilot pride does not want to admit they need him.
(Even if they do) He's looked down upon, because he's not the pilot.
So there I was, streaking between the SAM-5s, dodging triple A all over the target, and my SLB doesn't release the damn thing!
by Emilio Dumphque June 10, 2008
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Don't be such an SLB, lift with me!

Suiss never goes to the gym, she's an SLB.

I took a tiny dump today because I'm an SLB!
by Sean "The Big Shigs" F. Lawlor January 20, 2009
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