A person who is attracted to people with emotional baggage.
He's always going for girls with self-esteem issues and family problems. He's such a bellhop.
by Womanana May 4, 2008
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1.) A worker at a hotel who takes your bags up to your room for you.

2.) A hotel worker who presses the buttons on an elevator so you can get to your room.

3.) People that work at the Walt Disney World attraction Tower of Terror. Usually old and creepy.

4.) People that work at the Disneyland attraction Tower of Terror. Usually young and self-absorbed.

1. Bellhop, take my bags!
2. Bellhop, take me to my room!
3. Wow, did you see that bellhop? He was creepy!
4. Man, I hate those bellhops. They all think they are so cool but they are really a bunch of cock suckers.
by Floosiew January 7, 2006
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(n) A person who manages to carry a large amount of emotional baggage with them to any situation and expects a gratuity after dumping the aforementioned baggage on you.
We couldn't be friends after the relationship was over beccause she was an emotional bellhop.
by S Lucky March 14, 2007
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Putting up with someone's baggage - dealing with someone's issues. Generally from previous relationships or neurotic behaviors
She sounds like a great chick, bro - you just have to decide if she's worth playing the bellhop.
by Yankee McYankster December 3, 2011
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Derogatory reference to a United States Marine. Commonly a reference to a member of "MARDET", the Marine Detatchment that is present on some Navy ships. MARDET personnel perform duties as sentries, security, orderlies, provide an honor guard for special occasions, and provide the nucleus of the ship's landing party among other things.

Sea duty is one of the oldes traditions of the Corps, so this is a good epithet for starting a fight with any Marine (not just MARDET), esp. if said with plenty of sarcasm. Bring your own trauma surgeon.
Sailor - "Check out that fuckin' Sea-going Bellhop over there thinkin' he's all hot shit. I bet he...."

*Marine decks sailor*

Sailor (through shattered teeth) - "Corpsman up!"
by USMCG_Spyder January 1, 2006
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An alternative name for "flat top," a popular hairstyle from the 80s and 90s. It is called this because the hair resembles the shape of a traditional hat worn by a hotel employee assigned to carry luggage for guests.
You should give your son a bellhop if you want him to look like an extra in a Spike Lee film.
by I'm no FOP December 20, 2014
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