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An honor guard is comprised of at least two persons, usually numbering five to seven persons, and can be larger. These individuals are usually uniformed, such uniforms relating to the particular group or organization they are providing services to. For example, a police honor guard would be comprised of uniformed police officers; a military honor guard would be comprised of armed forces members, members of an armed forces auxiliary organization, or other military-styled organization.

Further, honor guards represent the highest ideals of the country or culture they belong to. Most honor guards, therefore, in honor to their country of origin, carry their National flag and observe their country's flag code, as they pay their respects to the other values they hold. Nearly all military honor guards, by their nature, also include a National flag bearer and whatever else is required by said flag code. For example, the American flag code requires that the American flag be protected; thus, an additional member of the honor squad generally carries a rifle or saber (genuine or replica) in order to pay respects to this requirement.
The honor guard led the drum and bugle corps in the parade.
by songspirit May 19, 2006
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