one of the greatest swear words in the known galaxy. see a book in the Hitchikers guide to the galaxy series.
that froidian guy is so belgium that its funny.
by Darth Ganon February 20, 2005
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1. A European country that is most commonly recognized for its Belgian waffles
2. A small town in Wisconsin north of Milwaukee. It's a farm town with less than 2000 people and nothing to do.
1. Damn skippy, I wonder if the Belgian waffles are better in Belgium.
2. I'm so fucking glad I moved away from Belgium when i was 12, the mall was an hour away...the Belgian waffles at the restaurant "Hobos" were good though.
by Cecelie August 09, 2006
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An inappropriate word that you must never say to someone that is not from Earth; somewhere along the lines of the word "fuck", but worse.
"Shut up and go to belgium!"

"Get that belgium out of here, he's pissing me off."
by Anonymous 42 February 22, 2008
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Small European country, capital Antwerpen. In the Northern part of Belgium is the city Brussel (= in English Brussels), where the European government debates about boring stuff.

The Northern half of Belgium speaks a form of Dutch called "Vlaams" (= Flamish), the less developed part, the southern part, speaks French.

Belgium is located South of The Netherlands.
by Jafje May 06, 2007
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A place where people milk cats.
"There is nothing more grey and uninspiring than the great cat dairies of Liege"

"Why do Belgians have small hands?"
"Why? To milk cats of course."

"Don't ask what makes the chocolate of Belgium so tasty"
by SamOfDelaware December 09, 2007
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Piss-poor, tiny, flat, featureless piece of shit country in Europe with crap weather, crap food and is full of perverts.
fuck Belgium and its ugly-ass women and pissy beer
by Z_e_D April 09, 2006
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