a man who drinks beers heavily and cause him to appear like Pregnant woman.
John cant see his penis because of his beerbelly.
by Anonymous March 29, 2003
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the bros version of hot girl summer where the guys only party and drink.
Brad: yo bro are you ready for beerbelly summer?
Ayden: yea man pass me the brewski!
by fortheboys7 July 2, 2020
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An agender satanic Spanish demigod reprobate persisting in the sex dungeons of Dunvegan Castle. Despite their primary adobe containing an pungent air of masochism and Doc Marten's AirWair Shoe Polish, their testicular region is best described as an utter depravity cavity. However, this proves useful for traffiking face moisturiser in from their homeland of Colombia, West Broadford. In 1957, they collaborated on a YouTube vlog with Escablo Pablogar, the infamous blimp. Their favourite food is Eminem, the famous German whisky brand. Is a proud member of the GDA (Ghandi Depreciaton Association) and potentially the zodiac killer, however, further citation is needed. Can often be found deep within the hallowed fallace of Ninn Foakes, just outside Sleat, Mexico.

Despite their apparent and persistant abstinance due to their depravity cavity, they have been known to perform coitus to their friends' sisters.

Quite attractive.
"Man, you're such a Slabtano Beerbelli."
by Binn Soakes September 17, 2018
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