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An absolute bell-end. An arse shaft with the intellectual capacity of a small dog turd. The biggest wank captain on the nonce squad. The type of slack jawed dolt to buy a vape and break it by giving it a sloppy blowjob. A creature born in the black depths of the Tarskavaig lagoon. A perpetual virgin that enjoys the smell of his own body-odor. A slope-headed dolt who doesn't require a condom because his sperm are too thick to find their way up his shaft even though they have hardly any distance to cover. The only discernible talent the Ninn actually possesses is to make the world's biggest ignoramuses feel like total geniuses with multiple PhDs and IQs reaching into the high thousands. When he was born his own parents tried to reject him in the manner of the Spartans but failed because the bottom of the cliff they threw him off was so disgusted it ran away.
I hope Ninn Foakes drowns in his own wank sweat.
by Lhistopher Cree February 20, 2018
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