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one who stealthily can steal another's beer. basically a beer ninja is one stealthy m0-fo and can do it right in front of yo face.
Yo digga, tonite i stole a beer and used kim's fat ass as a screen when i leaned over and grabbed it off the fuckin coffee table. I'm a hella sweet beer ninja.

Hahahahaha Dave was so drunk i walked right up to him and stole his beer like 2 feet from his face. fuckin hilarious. Man that makes 2 beers tonite. I'm such a fuckin beer ninja, yo.
by jassu19 August 28, 2006
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The person(s) involve in the theft of beer from one party to take back to the party of their own. Once a beer ninja accepts the mission he must complete under any means neccessary. This includes but is not limited to 1)stealing from a friends party, 2)jumping fences, 3) wearing camoflage, 4)kidnapping people, 5) attacking from the sea, and 6)sending in spies to distract parties away from the mass of beer.
Chris: We are out of beer dude
Nick: No shit? Guy down the street is having a party.
Chris: Lets take his beer.
Nick: Its on. Beer Ninja style.
by thenick September 22, 2006
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On some college campuses with charitable upperclassmen, the beer ninja performs the opposite function, stealthily distributing Beer to those in need, rather than removing it.
Dude! The beer ninja was just here and gave us all beer!
by TiedownGiant August 15, 2009
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An educated epic beer guru with a no nonsense reportoire. One who guides, educates, inspires, with no bull crap. Genuine. Ninja
"Kara really knows so much about all types of beer and how they are made that she must be a ninja; a Beer Ninja!"
by Z Wine Ninja May 13, 2012
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