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The ultimate joy gained from obtaining pleasure in Reading wikipedia articles. It also can be described as the moment of action when one presses the "Random Article" link on the wikipedia navigation bar or following links from article to article, until you're in such an ambiguous article that you forget where you are. And if you have absolutely no life, you can get a wikigasm by just editing wikipedia. (just kidding, wiki editors. or am i. mwaaahahahaha)
Weird Al: Shopping online for deals on some writable media, I edit Wikipedia, I memorized the Holy Grail, Really well, I can recite it right now have you, ROTFLOL!!!
Me: I wonder if Weird Al has wikigasms...

Paul: I'm going on a Wiki Quest! WIKIGASM!!!

The Dude: Dude, I started out on 18th century composers for my history project, but ended up on tectonophysics.
by Jassu19 October 09, 2006

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one who stealthily can steal another's beer. basically a beer ninja is one stealthy m0-fo and can do it right in front of yo face.
Yo digga, tonite i stole a beer and used kim's fat ass as a screen when i leaned over and grabbed it off the fuckin coffee table. I'm a hella sweet beer ninja.

Hahahahaha Dave was so drunk i walked right up to him and stole his beer like 2 feet from his face. fuckin hilarious. Man that makes 2 beers tonite. I'm such a fuckin beer ninja, yo.
by jassu19 August 28, 2006

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a wrestling move where you clasp your hands together and bring it high over your head, and down onto your opponent like a great sledgehammer. a great finishing move, especially if you're polish. why? added irony, i suppose.
rob: whats up, man
tim the bowling alley pope: well, jesse got drunk at the party last night and jumped off the picnic table, landing a huge polish hammer blow on my head. i swear, im gonna have a migraine for a week.
rob: weak, dude
by jassu19 September 03, 2006

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