Another ghetto way of saying I already knew or I've known for quite a while
"I 've been fucking John"
"Bitch I 've been knew"
by Stellathedon February 12, 2016
a way to say you already knew something; to point out that the thing someone just said was obvious to a majority of people
"I think bell bottoms might make a comeback this year"
"WE BEEN KNEW, I was wearing them last year, y'all behind"
by boyboyguywillfly August 30, 2017
When a sis spills the cold tea
Friend: Mrs. Janet is a queen, like I stan her so much!
by Summertroth August 10, 2018
we've been knew means ugh! Tell me something I don’t know...

“I smoke a lot of weed.”-Haley

“We’ve been knew”-Abby

We know that Becky!
Come on get with the program Tod!
Obviously! We weren’t born yesterday Poe!
No shit Kanisha!
by Kitten2cute June 17, 2018
A way to describe something someone said that you already knew
A stan: omg Nicki is over !
Me: we been knew sis !
by zillion March 17, 2018
A way not to react when people come out to you, according to Dan
Dan:"Don't say 'I've been knew'"
by DenseCabbage June 16, 2019