In which Men think that girls are hanging around in their bras and panties and start throwing pillows at eachother progressivly getting more violent until bras rip off and turns in to wrestling on the ground in mud. Though how the females end up outside in the dirt no one is quite sure it does seem to happen.

Women know that this is most definatly not how it goes but we like to let guys think it does anyway. Whenever they aren't looking.
Bob: Hey Joe, Tammy is having a sleepover tonight wanna go sneak over and see if they have a pilow fight?

Joe: Oh man yea!! those are so hot!!

Tammy: oh yea you should've seen the pillow fight we had over at Callies 2 weeks ago...that was hot
by thy lady x November 9, 2007
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When women fight eachother with their breasts, shaking them in each others faces. Everybody wins.
These two women had a great pillow fight video on their website.
by psyduck1 July 14, 2010
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n. and v. when straight girls have lesbian sex
So, are Jane and Christy gay?

No, they just pillow fight once in a while.
by ChuckChaser69 September 1, 2011
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When a bunch of people hit each other with pillows and the last one standing wins.
Pillow Fight
by Philip Murillo December 3, 2003
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It's what the bitches do at night when they can't sleep during their sleep overs. When pertaining to pre-teens their clothes are usually on.
Jessica: Sweet sleep over your mom let us have Brittany.
Kelly: You girls are the best!
Jessica: BFF's forever guys.
Brittany: Mmm, Bryan Jennings hugged me today, I think he's so cute. I can't sleep. He's so (wet) dreamy.
Jessica: Hey guys, you know what?...Pillow Fight!
Brittany's Older Sister: You girls should grow some tits.
by Zach Moore March 30, 2005
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When two males engage in a mutual connection, primarilly in the act of touching one anothers male anatomy against the others male anatomy. Mimicing the display of a pillow fight
Bob and jon got hot and a pillow fight broke out.
by bryananthony November 12, 2010
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When I guy smacks a girl in the face with his testicles.
Billy Bob had a pillow fight with his sister after they had sex
by Bill Ding February 23, 2005
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