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Jamaican slang meaning to relax or calm down.
Stop worry yourself and bebble
by No-Lee August 16, 2017
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Masculine: Noun:

A Bebble is your part-time baby, full-time M8. Bebble’s are prone to sleepiness so be sure to keep him comfy, fed, and well-rested or he’s gonna be a crankbot, a.k.a “a cranky robot.” Love your Bebble, Feed your Bebble, Squish your Bebble, force your Bebble outdoors and have him take you for walks like the human puppy you are .
Random person: “Who is that hungry person over there?”
Me: “oh that’s my Bebble, he’s hungry for some chipotle. I’m leaving now.”

Me walks away from person because Me hates small talk.
by UnicornTato February 10, 2019
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