16 definitions by Kyle Biddle

what you say to someone when you just ignored them
<annoying person> omg liek sex me plz
<cute girl> <click>
by Kyle Biddle August 3, 2004
The rscheatnet.com admin, also a cocksucking bitch that bans everybody for the worst reason ever, just because he can! he loves to eat dick, and shove is small cock in other peoples tight little asses
see above ^^^^ asdsd ffd dfdfsafsd
by Kyle Biddle August 2, 2004

A hard keylogger for antivirus' to detect, thus being near perfect
OMFG bpk hax0red my runescape account
by Kyle Biddle August 3, 2004
A VERY expencive item that you can buy on runescape for 5-30mil gp, (gold pieces) there are lots of different kinds of phats such as: pink, blue, white, purple, green, and just about any other color you can imagine, if you were a party hat to a drop party, people will drop cool stuff next to you, it was originally formed out of a "cristmas cracker" that you pull with anouther person that also has a cristmas cracker, and you would then each get a different colored phat!
Party hat's are very very expensive :D
by Kyle Biddle August 2, 2004
the creator of autorune, a packet hack for runescape
kaitnieks is so fucking leet, he made autorune, (yes kaitnieks is a guy) see kaitnieks.com
by Kyle Biddle July 24, 2004
not true, reines is the best bot creator in rscheatnet.com, and is leeter then everyone who stands in her way. also the creator of reibot
reines is very leet word
by Kyle Biddle August 1, 2004