When a guy "beats up" the pussy.. or "knocks the bottom outta the pussy".. in other words.. knows how to hit it right
"B's gonna beat it up this weekend"
by HOPESCRX October 16, 2003
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to be on the giving end of a sexual encounter (short for "beat up the pussy" or for you fudge packers and freaks out there "beat up the ass").
My favorite pick-up line (always works):
"Hey baby, mind if I BEAT THAT UP?!?"

Last night I pulled the old beat up and beat up maneuver. I saw this fly ass bitch walking down the street with this scrawny ass scrub. So I hit that motherfucker in the face and kicked him 17 times (beat him up) and then I took his ho back to my place and, well, to put it bluntly, I beat it up.
by Nick D September 9, 2003
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To Beat it up Latin for beata it upa. Hit the ass take no names.
My buddy Ben beat it up with this fat chick in Seffner. She lived in a trailor. He "beat it up" then dipped.
by Crazy Ass White Boy November 9, 2003
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Having sex with a woman... otherwise beatin dat pussy up... refers also to smashing, beatin, ownin, bag and tag.
by Zach T Green January 30, 2009
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To blame or critisize oneself of their failures.
You don't have to beat yourself up,even if you lose the match.I'll be proud of you anyway.
by Toa Pohatu March 2, 2017
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1) A chick whose sole purpose is to satisfy a carnal sexual need.

2) A chick you sexually desire, free of any emotional commitment.

3) A chick with a good body, but questionable looks. (see beatable)

Naturally inferred, it's a chick that you intend to beat guts, beat it up, beat her guts up, and/or beat it up and skeet it up.
Peezy: "Bruh, is that yo gurl?"
Kels: "Naw nucca, she jus my beat-em-ups?"


Lew: "Fly body n'all, but dat bitch got issues."
Damaga: "Tru! But she'd make good beat-em-ups."
by Tha Damaga June 18, 2007
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