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guy1: that guy is a fuckin bean bean....

guy2:yeah i dont think he even has a green card either.
by mungam October 26, 2008
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word originated from gloworks in detroit meaning money.
nita: we gotta make some bean beans for rent today , okaayyyy.

alicia: i feel you.
by A.p. August 04, 2012
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a white head, brown body pit bull. biggest baby of the breed of "pit bull". Wears a sweater in the winter because otherwise she will whine and act all dramatic.
Where's Bean Bean?....Under the bed because she is scared of the rain.
by brittybabbles June 30, 2008
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A Spanish man, or boy that is categorized as a faggot as well, sometimes called Sam, and derived from the common derogatory term - beaner-
Guy- yo bean bean grab me a taco

Bean bean- fuck you that's not my name
by Beabeay June 19, 2017
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