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Something that is beach-like.
Something that reminds you of the beach.
Wow, your room is pretty beachy! It has a fake palm tree and everything! It's like I'm in Hawaii again!
by Reag January 06, 2008
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Well theres a thing we do called a beachy, in which we drive from one end of town, to maccas to get frocos and then down to the beach area at the other end of town and chuck a lap at south side beach, then down the main street, up hummock hill which is a lookout and then to the north beach and then back to south beach then back to maccas, basically happens all night multiple times with servo stops and food stops in between plus a drag off the lights here and there, literally everyone does it and that's about all there is to do haha, ask anyone in whyalla what a 'beachie' is and they'll know hahaha
Me- Oi boyz, let's do a beachy ay?

Lads- fuck yea fuck'n oath cunt, go maccas first though ay?
Me- yeah nah yeah fuck righto

Oi I just seen " " doing a beachy in his commo bruz

I was doing a beachy before and seen " " sucking off sheldon in his rodeo
by Dieseldickdan January 28, 2019
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Substitute for pikey, though is used in particular for pikey's from Stourport,Worcs.
Look at the beachy with ginger hair over there next to the purple micra.
by Will Ferrell January 13, 2005
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When someone gives you a hand job under the towel on a beach.
My wife gave me a beachy in Mexico and nobody knew!
by JDawgBroncos1! July 01, 2018
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To dress to casual for work,

This can either be in relations to your companies dress code, or your bosses view of what the dress code should be
Boss: Hey Steve dressed a little beachy today are we..

Steve: Uh.. Yeah the flip-flops were a little much eh..

Boss: Well, wearing those Board Shorts is a little much, Those Flip-flops are something else..

Steve: :|
by twinny22 November 26, 2009
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After eating a large portion of food, you feel exteremly full and proceed to lay down and resemble a beached whale!
Oh man! I'm so beachy after eating 5 baconators!
by Sarah Au March 18, 2008
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