It was originally made to be "beat boy" because no one had associated that type of gymnastic dance to the word break yet. Now it can be associated directly with breakdancing.
Chicago has the best bboys in the U.S.
by Zec September 9, 2005
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Bboy Baek Myung Hoon is a breakdancer representing Extreme Crew, South Korea.
He is the greatest bboy to ever walk this earth.
Bboy Baek PWND them with his lotus combo!
by BGirlFreezinLegz September 13, 2008
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a muffinman-stealing meanie (bobeanie) who raps to diss people
Ashtyn shot bboy tranny with an airsoft gun because he stole the muffinman away from her.
by glamazn717 July 10, 2008
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some one that is amazingly cool, perhaps even bangarang this
"geeky bboy" can get hyphy and intelectually smart.
they have amazing abilities like the Sharingan, breakdancing, they are just basically beyond cool!
Calvin is a Geeky Bboy!
by Calvin{^_^} November 3, 2005
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A bastard who lies cheats and robs people
Bboy lego such a cunt he robbed her whole life just to try and make a buck
by nerds from burbs July 19, 2019
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Bboy Chaos is a talented bboy who can do almost ANY move in bboy history. Bboy Chaos will always be break dancing, no matter what the reason. Bboy Chaos has persistence and will NEVER give up no matter how hard. Bboy Chaos is very talented. He is funny but can be very professional at times. Bboy Chaos is short but his cuteness makes up for it.
Guy1- Bro! Did you see that guy bboy?!?!
Guy2- Yeah! He's a natural!! He must be a Bboy Chaos!
by TehCoolestKidYouKnew January 2, 2012
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