A guy with a great personality who plays good at sports and video games. Have good grades also and most of the time, girls go crazy over him. He's just so hot
Omg have you seen Mico?? He's so hot
by Christian47 February 3, 2014
The best basketball player you will ever see. He is a tall and skinny guy with asian descent and is good in everything he does. He has big and veiny hands and gets anything that he wants.
Omg is that Mico?? He’s like a monkey on the basketball court!
by User73632952869 January 19, 2022
A tall but skinny asian guy that is very good at everything he does. He is athletic and is very good at basketball. Micos always succeed in life and he’s a great friend to have.
Dang that’s Mico.
by User73632952869 January 19, 2022
A cat who watches you like a little bitch and will cut you with no hasation
Person 1 : watch out it's Mico !
Mico: nigga I am going to cut you.
Person 2: you ... You .... Monster
by Wiggerslut June 21, 2018
Mico is a cocky handsome and honest guy who has an irresistible personality that pulls in anyone who gets to know him. Those who have gotten the privilege to know him deeper associate his presence with a feeling of home.

He is very rational and misses out on small moments because he doesn’t think emotionally. He is a giver and does not give up on those he loves and commits to. He is quite annoying but loves so tenderly. And apparently some people say he is easy to love (we are yet to confirm this).

There aren’t many like Mico and if you get the chance to know him deeply, hold on tight. The ride will be worth every annoying & rational moment.
Mico is annoyingly sexy.
by Ruganzu November 25, 2021
Mico is just perfect; tall, handsome and funny, girls will go WILD over him. Guaranteed satisfaction with that massive schlong he has! Born as a romantic, his playboy abilities will make you fall in love with him. And Mico is loyal! Known by a lot of people, anywhere he goes it's fun!
"Mico is just perfect man."
"I wish I could be like Mico."
by angelo383 January 29, 2022
Mico is a guy who is cute, tall and he lijes sports. He typically plays basketball and shoots 3s like Curry. He's so cute that his nickname is honeyman. He is a real player with girls. He has a bunch of them and changes them all the time.
Girl: See this guy over there? He is so cute
Girl 2: Oh yes, that's Mico the Honeyman
by avalg April 12, 2022