The bazoongas is a slang term for an entire womans breasts, including the nipples and areola.

Bazoongas come in all sizes and shapes, and have variations. White women tend to have white bazoongas with pinkish nipples, while those of other backgrounds can have darker ones, and brownish nipples to almost black.

The bazoongas are very stimulating to many men, who fantasize about them, and can easily reach sexual excitement and even ejaculate through thinking of them, or touching, kissing or smelling them. Bazoongas function is also nurturing and providing milk for babies.
If you go to a nude beach, you will be able to view many bazoongas, even the white ones will be sun-tanned probably, but they will all be very prominently displayed.
by deevan again June 20, 2011
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Fred: Whoa..check out the bazoongas on that chick!

Cleetus: DAMN!
by Rawker of Sawks August 19, 2006
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Bazoonga is an African word meaning "Bless you". You say it when someone sneezes. It can also be used as a word you say when you don't believe someone's story. The word is also often used in an American slang language.
Example 1
Person #1: "Man, I just sneezed the hell out of me"
Person #2: "Wow, bazoonga, man! Bazoonga."

Example 2
Person #1: "I was walking down the street when Barack Obama came to me and asked me if I wanted to be his son in law."
Person #": "Yeah, bazoonga.."
by Dundo Maroje February 14, 2012
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It was raining as she walked to the diner, so she slipped and fell on her bazoonga.
by lamoismynamo March 16, 2011
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