Market place.
A downtown road that has businesses.

Derived from Hindi/Sanscrit
by Sathish Pottavathini January 5, 2005
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Kind of like a carnival but with lots of beer.
Lets go to the bazaar!
by OLLIE6197 March 4, 2005
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A term used for any person who publicly takes a poop outdoors
Ok wait is that guy actually pulling a Bazaar?
Alright if you need me i will be outside of Walmart being a Bazaar
by Mr Mxyzptlk April 29, 2020
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A Circuit City that is overrun with Indian people asking questions about rebates and sales.
Indian man - Excuse me do you work here?

CC Associate (in a red CC shirt) - No, I'm just employed here. They don't pay me enough to work.
by Mistahtom August 28, 2005
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The boner bazaar is a cadet shower-room where we all see other cadets showering with morning wood.
Every time I take my morning shower, it's a boner bazaar and I can take care of any other cadet's morning wood.
by USAF Cadet September 24, 2021
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International Bazaars are first of all located in what is sometimes called the barrio, hood, or chinatown. These stores are flooded with merchants trying to sell their products using a system of haggleing. The products located within the bazaar are or of resembling the vatos, cholos, homeboys, eses, g-units, og's, nacos, mafiosos, chinamen, greek warriors, narcos, gangsters, or thugs. Although not all of these people buy from such places the experience can be quite rewarding. From a Sarris purchasing a pimpsuit and 2pac shirt for 40$ cheaper, to getting some fluzies you've never seen in your life or ever whill see agian. These bazaars are nothing to be intimidated of unless u fear miniorities then ur screwed and probably pissing your pants as you walk by with everyone thinking wtf is this whit_y doing here. Be warned that not everyone is friendly not matter what you look like if you don't have the balls to throw down you might as well not talk to anyone or lookem in the eyes. Just fuken run. When the shopping is done correctly a person will enrich thier need to hang out some where unique.
That Sarris haggled that asian dude.
Pecan is gunna get raped he looks like he is about to piss his pants.
Hey wat about those fluzies by the international bazaars
by lockvu March 31, 2006
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One stop shop for all your needs. Gives you the best offers on all the products.
Will you be the Big Bazaar of my life?
by RockyMeraNaam November 26, 2021
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