the worst school in the history of mankind. everyone there is fucking mentally retarded. all they care about is weed and sex.
person a: hey what school do you go to?
person b: bayside high school.
person a: LOL you're fucked bud.
by fdsfasfa March 12, 2017
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worst fucking school ever. all the white chicks think their black, and all black girls think they're cute. the football team sucks, and the cheerleaders are stuck up & they're all fat. all everybody does is some weed in the bathrooms, and fuck behind buildings.
ew you go to bayside high school
by fuckmylfe October 17, 2019
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A High School serving the very Northwestern part of Virginia Beach. Everyone from other VB high schools thinks its ghetto as fuck and full of gangs, but once you consider that nearly every other high school in Virginia Beach serves kids that are white as fuck and upper middle class, then you will understand they don't know shit. It's nowhere near as ghetto as Norfolk high schools.
Cox HS Kid: So where, like, do you like, go to school dude?

Bayside High School Kid: Bayside.

Cox HS Kid: Damn dude, that sucks.

Bayside HS Kid: Not really.
by mike67256346 November 4, 2012
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A school (thats so baddass beond comprehension.) - full of Redguard's in Virginia Beach, Virginia. I <3 Redguard's.
Yogie: Damn nigga, Bayside High School is just so baddass! Curlés: I know you lil hardcore mofo you!
by Baddass-Memor_- October 24, 2009
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A shitty ass school In Palm Bay, FL that looks like a fucking prison. Known for their wrestling and swimming teams, everything else about the school sucks ass. Has a high population of niggers and spicks (like any other school in FL) Drugs, sex, and retards are the norm in this POS high school.
Bayside High School, FL:
Dude 1: Wanna go to a Bayside Game?
Dude 2: no id rather go to a WNBA game than watch Bayside football get spanked like a baby thats just been born.
Dude 1: Wanna get high behind Bayside?
by PoopiefaceDildoman April 10, 2011
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The worst school in history except for XC/Track .!$
Gotta go to Bayside High School today fuck your bitch .
by Austin Fucking Tarbet August 20, 2018
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