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the skin between the anus and the penis; also see grundle.
how would you be able to see my baunch while i am wearing pants?
by Andrew Verrecchio January 11, 2003
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The area starting with the entire underside of the scrotum and extending to the anus. The main area of the baunch is the backside of the testicals with the secondary area of the baunch being that of the area between the testicals and the anus. Women are physiologically incapable of having a baunch.
After a day of mountain biking my sweaty baunch was in desperate need of a wash.
by VAN_CLAR July 19, 2008
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Preface: Chode is the area between the bottom of your ball sack and your butthole.

Baunch is simply chode sweat.
His allowed his baunch to build up so much that he developed anal chafage.
by Leviathan October 27, 2004
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Another term that is used for a womans vagina with a negative conotation. Could be a very smelly vagina, diseased vagina, fat vagina, or a sluts vagina.
Man you need to wash your baunch, i think i'm gonna puke.
by grizzt69 March 28, 2003
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stinky, smelly, hairy, and diseased vag's.
I wanted to dominate her bagina, but her baunch smelled like the inner depths of a hippo's ass.
by scud August 27, 2003
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