Crazy to a degree bordering on complete insanity. The state in which one makes decisions which make the exact opposite of sense.

See also: bat-shit
Why did Erin cheat on you with that greaseball?
- Because she's bat-shit crazy.
by DJ Bitterbarn August 11, 2004
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One step beyond just plain crazy. It is usually a temporary thing...sparked by something unexpected, or just really awful.
As soon as he saw me humping his mom, he went bat-shit crazy.
by ithaqua April 13, 2003
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Originated by observing the way bats defecate. Bats hang upside-down and poo upside-down. If people were to hang upside-down and poo it would go all over their face therefore only a crazy person would shit like a bat making them batshit crazy.
Bill wants to buy an Oz of green for 20 bucks, yea that bill he's batshit crazy
by bs425 December 25, 2014
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Some one who is so off the wall insane that they just do the dumbest, most immature, revolting things.
My Ex-Girfrend e-mailed my new girl trying to scare her off
She is bat shit crazy!
by Ouch! Don't do that March 21, 2010
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Someone who has lost their FREAKIN' mind.

Some examples are Sherri, Joanie, Ashley, Tammy, Amanda
Whoa Nelly! Did you overhear their conversation this morning....Those girls are Bat-shit crazy!

I wonder what's wrong with those girls? They seem to have gone bat-shit crazy.
by Demands James December 30, 2016
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The highest level of crazy, which causes people to outrageous things that automatically attract media attention.
Why is Britney wearing her wedding dress in public?
She's bat-shit crazy.
by AJV22044 January 17, 2008
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