A person who has been called a bastard and will be known as one forever, therefore they have been basterzised either by one person or a group of people
I wounder what basterdization is
by GAZLX September 6, 2017
A clever misspelling of the word BASTARD used to ensure your movie title stands out when Googled.
by Jane Oak August 2, 2009
An adjective describing a person, event, object, animal, or action of basterdly proportion.
1. Having sex with your mom was very basterdous.
by Knaveish April 19, 2005
When someone is too stupid to spell bastard, basterd is often the result.
Moron: STFU U DUM BASTERD!!!!!1111
Normal person: Try not typing like an idiot for once in your life.
by Anonymous July 27, 2003
Someone who is employed in the business of killin' nazis.
Nazi: "Sie sind echte Basterd."
Basterd: "I'm going to knock your head off with my baseball bat you damn nazi."
by B1gAlMan August 22, 2009
An intentional misspelling of the word “bastard” in A video game’s chat, so that it will not be censored.
That was my netherite, you basterd!
by amogus mcsusface May 24, 2022
One who kills lots and lots of Nazis, in various ways that will amaze you.

Someone you should look up to.
Jon Thomas is a basterd!!
by JonThomas August 26, 2009