A clever misspelling of the word BASTARD used to ensure your movie title stands out when Googled.
by Jane Oak August 2, 2009
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Someone who is employed in the business of killin' nazis.
Nazi: "Sie sind echte Basterd."
Basterd: "I'm going to knock your head off with my baseball bat you damn nazi."
by B1gAlMan August 22, 2009
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An intentional misspelling of the word “bastard” in A video game’s chat, so that it will not be censored.
That was my netherite, you basterd!
by amogus mcsusface May 24, 2022
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A terd with a degree in Grammar or Granma.
For those who say irregardless basterd makes sense.
by chasbro August 22, 2009
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A stupid schnarfen who has a wide vagina with large ear lobes
by r0zzmatazz April 24, 2010
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I never met my father so therefore, I m a basterd.
by ah la mode May 8, 2009
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An adjective describing a person, event, object, animal, or action of basterdly proportion.
1. Having sex with your mom was very basterdous.
by Knaveish April 19, 2005
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