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Also known as athletic shorts, shorts worn primarily by teenage boys and basic straight men who have no wardrobe. Likely paired with a tee shirt and name brand athletic shoes that are incredibly overpriced.
1) "Do you own anything other than basketball shorts?!"

"Yeah, I have sweatpants too!"
by patricko1999 March 04, 2017

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When someone has ghosted you but still likes your Instagram photos and tweets.

This term was coined by internet personality, and celebrity, Mamrie Hart on her new show with Grace Helbig called "This Might Get..."
"I told him that I loved him and he said, k! He totally ghosted me!"
"Ugh, what a tool!"
"And get this, not only did he ghost me, he's full-on haunting me, Melissa! I stopped talking to him and now he's still liking my Instagram photos! Can you believe that?!"
"Girl, he totally haunted you! Block him. He's not worth it!"
by patricko1999 April 24, 2018

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