The act of using the category listing device on twitter for the darker purpose of insulting or bashing someone. Can also be used as a insult towards people who intentionally use hashing on Facebook when it serves no actual purpose.
I discovered my daughter possibly did not enjoy our family bonding when she updated her status saying, "went to the zoo with family #boring #kill me#why do they hate me". That little bashtag just won her a summer pass to the damn zoo.
by Rileyfer May 9, 2013
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When the string of hash tags following the post is actually longer than the post itself, it needs to be 'bashtagged'. Also, when an abuser produces a string of 'hashtags' so long that they are almost impossible to read without cracking up because each 'hashtag' is stupider than the next, 'bashtagging' is called for. Frankly, there are so many egregious and capricious use of 'hashtags' in this day and age, you'll find yourself wanting to 'bashtag' more and more. That is fine because 'bashtagging' is simple, fun, and has several uses. While still an intellectual activity, 'bashtagging' points out the more obvious details in a picture or in any way insults the original string of 'hashtags' making it infinitely more hilarious. It's like legal spray painting.
"Look at how many hashtags this div put after his post...there's like 26. Don't they have anything else to do?"

"Well it looks to me like they missed a couple of things; down for a little bashtagging?"
by philadelphiadiplomat August 4, 2014
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A hashtag word or phrase on twitter used to bash a particular celebrity, company, product, or lifestyle, often going viral. Usually they originate from funny running jokes, though sometimes they originate from a company's own marketing hashtag gone awry. Examples include #Drakethetype, #McDstories, #qantasluxury, #AskJPM
#Drakethetype might just be the funniest bashtag of 2013.

#QantasLuxury quickly turned from a corporate marketing tag to a bashtag after they stranded 80,000 people around the world.
by bluelaughter April 16, 2014
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