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A debate (on any subject) which takes place in a bar or tavern and is primarily caused by just the right amount of booze.
We got into a bargument over who is more fuckable: Nicole Ritchie or Skeletor.
by GrantG June 11, 2007
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An argument at a bar over a question with no right or wrong answer. Often involves sports, television and sex.
"We had a bargument last night for two hours over whether a lion could beat a bear in a fight."
by lionwins October 01, 2007
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An argument between two or more people about trivial, nonsensical, unimportant topics that occur only while drinking at bar. Typically unrelated to any topical or pertinent discussion topics, and has no real emotional ties for those involved.
Example 1:
Dude A: "Tom Waits wrote Ol' 55. I'm sure of it."
Dude B: "No, the Eagles did, and Tom Waits jacked them!"
Dude A: "No, The Eagles covered that tune. Look it up!"
Bartender: "Hey guys, keep that bargument down over there, you're creeping out the cool kids."

Example 2:
In text message to oustide source: "I'm in the middle of a bargument- what was that 1980's film about the pizza delivery boy played by Patrick Dempsey? I said Loverboy, but no one will agree..."
by EazyP April 01, 2009
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A confrontation, physical or verbal, stemming from or taking place at an establishment that serves alcohol.
The drunk guy started a bargument with the bouncer and got dropped in the ally
by Tyler Durden December 03, 2003
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When you argue with your friend over beers and you know that fuck face is full of shit
Friend: You don't have a garage, you have a shed
You: No it's a shed
Friend: Well what's the difference?
You: I swear to fucking god, not this bargument again
by bradhex March 04, 2017
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