Russian slang for a woman that has lost her youthful looks and replaced them with things only middle aged MILFS think look good, like fake tits, curling hair, face lifts and grotesque makeup to cover up years of wrinkles. Comes from combination of words 'Barbie' and 'Baba' (woman, particularly older woman, since baba could also be short for babyshka or grandma). A barba is a MILF that you DONT want to fuck because she has been through miles of cock.
Tamara is a barba
by 45345345345 August 06, 2016
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Fellatio performed while humming a song performed by Antonella Barba on American Idol
My girlfriend gave me a barba of Celine Dion last night
by Nyarpy February 28, 2007
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Someone who has frequent mood changes, and is hated by pretty much everybody. Mostly used to describe a mean teacher.
"Geez, my Spanish teacher is such a barba!"
by I lost the game! February 10, 2017
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An unpalatable miscreant. A cancerous plague typically reeking of feline excrement seen lurking around the bowels of the China-Town. This abominable beast is generally found covered in lacerations from frequent encounters with putrid tomcats. This untamed masochist inflicts near mortal injuries to oneself by means of fractured bones, impalements, and flesh eating bacteria. These ailments prohibit meticulous analysis of complaints taken by near comatose subordinates exiled to the fifth stationhouse.
Hey look the Barba-Douche is away from the desk hunting a pot smoker.
by Denied28 December 07, 2018
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Former contestant on American Idol, known more for her racy photos where she posed half-nude at the War Memorial in Washington D.C. There were "alleged" photos of her giving oral sex to a guy which had the most ugliest looking penis i've seen... although those photos turned out to be fake.

I bet you $10, she appears on the next months edition of playboy.
Antonella Barba may of had a nice rack, but her singing made my fucking ears bleed.
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A hot snarky lawyer featured in seasons 15-19 of NBC’s Law and Order SVU(special victims unit).
“ Rafeal Barba isn’t hot ”
“ Yea he is, just watch episode 15, season 18 of SVU
by C0bBy March 12, 2018
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She is beautiful beyond believe and is the most loyal friend you will ever have. She is often homosexual and can love both men and women.
by Crystal M Jenkins June 02, 2017
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