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Someone who has frequent mood changes, and is hated by pretty much everybody. Mostly used to describe a mean teacher.
"Geez, my Spanish teacher is such a barba!"
by I lost the game! February 10, 2017
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Russian slang for a woman that has lost her youthful looks and replaced them with things only middle aged MILFS think look good, like fake tits, curling hair, face lifts and grotesque makeup to cover up years of wrinkles. Comes from combination of words 'Barbie' and 'Baba' (woman, particularly older woman, since baba could also be short for babyshka or grandma). A barba is a MILF that you DONT want to fuck because she has been through miles of cock.
Tamara is a barba
by 45345345345 August 06, 2016
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