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When you take your phone and hold it loosely between your index finger and thumb to allow it to pivot. Then you proceed to hit someone with it in the most camp way possible, preferably on a boney area such as the shin, to inflict maximum pain. Usually done when someone says something you disagree with, disrespects you, or perhaps to wake up a drunken individual.
Seb was easting popcorn like a Polish camel, and Jared and Tom wouldn't stop taking the piss, so Seb ran around bapping Jared with his phone to stop them from taking the piss. Jared cried.
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by Polish camel May 28, 2018
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Waking someone up using ones breasts in a slapping motion.
'Jodie gave Kev a good bapping before he could wake her up with a good smurfing'
by bappinghappy July 01, 2009
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Related very closely to pabbing. When you take your ass hair and throw it in someone's face.
I was bapping your mom last night, and your dad walked in and slapped her in the face.
by SkankyKong May 08, 2005
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A Bay Area term for being turnt up or in other words lit or litty
Aye bra, tell me why we was on live the other day and a nigga had hella viewers our shit was bapping
by MoneybaggMiir May 06, 2018
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a term used for sexual intercourse, when a man and woman have no other objectice, they merely "bap it."
Hey babe, are we gonna be bapping it tonight?
by cardiology December 11, 2010
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